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@FediFollows hey fedifollows! Do you know anyone to follow who reads and posts poems? I tried looking in your master list of accounts, but I wasn't able to find anything more specific than "writing", and the poetry hashtag isn't helping me find what I'm looking for. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!! ❤️❤️

Death, dystopia 

While it's important to think deeply about the specific dynamics around all kinds of violence, I'm trying to understand how things like shootings - both people targeting many others or just one person, military invasion, response to the COVID-19 pandemic and people striking pedestrians with their cars all reflect a broad and growing disrespect for human life.

Shout out to customer service workers who enforce the spirit of policies while offering flexibility on the letter of those policies. It makes everyone's life so much easier.

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This so intensely feels like the episode of Atlanta where Al tries to steer a brand diversity advisory board, but at the same time, I really appreciate the BIPOC punk Insta, because it shows how many BIPOC people have been in scenes even if it doesn’t seem that way because they’re often white dominated. Anyway, there are some bands I like on this playlist and I need more driving music and maybe you do too?

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Today on the Chalkbeat dev blog: how we turned Williamson County's curriculum review into data, and how we hope this approach can hopefully inspire other reporting to dig deeper than the standard "opposing quotes from activists" approach.

Trying to find new fiction to read, and had one of those good internet experiences where someone has compiled a resource on a somewhat specific topic.

I recently finished reading the book “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng and I really enjoyed it. I think it captures the loneliness of otherness and the way that the unsaid can be both mundane and tragic.

As a kid I loved those Richard Scary books that were basically, “these are people who live in this town and this is what they do”. And reader, I still love that kind of content.

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We live in a golden era of people sharing pedestrian but interesting and potentially useful things about their life and work. For example:

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Really proud to be publishing this as the first story where I played a formal editing role: It's about new federal standards for collecting data on nonbinary students, and how those face a host of unexpected hurdles, not from a cultural perspective, but as all the information systems around a modern school have to change to safely and securely incorporate new options around names and gender.

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If you haven't read Source's series of exit interviews with data/digital journalists, this is a good time to start:

I'm not leaving the news anytime soon, I don't think, but I don't know if I've ever felt as seen as when I would read these.

“I think making anything is cathartic. You and your friends set out to make something and when it’s done, it always feels good.” - Lee Buford of The Body in this interview:

I’m recognizing the deep, cross-cultural appeal of driving a truck around while flying some sort of flag.

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I think one of the most interesting things about Mastodon is that it lets you interact with a system that has slightly different priorities and have a visceral rather than speculative sense of what that’s like. I’m thinking of the content warning feature in particular, but there are other things that just feel different in a refreshing way. I don’t remember Ello, which was the last non-mainline social network I tried, feeling like that.

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