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: après le ⁦@FT@twitter.com, ⁦@TheEconomist@twitter.com⁩ se penche sur les chiffres de la pauvreté. Le diable se cache dans les détails... Enquête à lire. economist.com/middle-east-and-

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Kagame dismisses @FT@twitter.com story as propaganda "I will bet with anyone that there is actually nothing fake or fabricated or doctored about the progress we are making, there is no question about it." He adds, “I honestly enjoy these fights and not only in words"

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Someone left old TVs outside 50 homes in Virginia while wearing a TV on his head. No one knows why. wapo.st/31CUIi3

“Cinema at its mightiest and holiest… a movie you enter, like a cathedral of the senses” — @OwenGleiberman@twitter.com variety.com/2019/film/columns/
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A Hidden Life
Written and Directed by Terrence Malick
In theaters December 13, 2019. https@OwenGleiberman@twitter.compUk

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STOP the march of folly: FT editorial board says MPs must block no-deal Brexit and let the people decide in an election or second referendum ft.com/content/9daf7ce0-bcf8-1 via @FinancialTimes@twitter.com

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Rwanda: where even poverty data must toe Kagame’s line- our investigation found Rwanda's famed statistics look to have been misrepresented at least once casting debt on Kagame's proclaimed economic miracle + his relationship with World Bank, w @davidcblood@twitter.com ft.com/content/683047ac-b857-1

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If you need a break from unrelenting horror of the Epstein story...👇🏻

Sanjeev Gupta’s bank bought a “property in central London”.

@Michael_Pooler@twitter.com and I worked out it’s a building in Mayfair.... where 5 of the 6 floors are occupied by Gupta’s family biz

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At least this didn't happen at a moment in history when people are primed to believe conspiracy theories.

Glimpse of another lovely thing that died on the vine. W/ @officeofjane@twitter.com @aendrew@twitter.com

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Sue Gordon is widely admired on Capitol Hill and among intelligence officials. This threatens to spur an exodus of veteran intelligence analysts already fed up with Trump’s disregard for their expertise, officials at 3 US intelligence agencies told @TIME@twitter.com time.com/5642759/john-ratcliff twitter.com/JenniferJJacobs/st

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Another No Deal story on

We reveal the rather recent changes to the secret “reasonable worst case scenario” assumptions for No Deal Brexit trade flow that are the foundation for the Government’s No Deal planning.

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In the archives this morning I'm working through material on Columbine and one thing that stands out is how the killers were unmistakable white supremacists but within days the press stopped talking about that and instead focused on mental health, teen angst, media violence, etc.

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And so it begins. The Conservatives welcome the new PM by pumping Facebook full of Boris Johnson ads. They're running an astonishing 554 versions of these things. Almost as if they're gathering data for an election...

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Sanjeev Gupta's bank, which takes retail deposits, is providing extensive financing to his family's sprawling business empire.

New story from @Michael_Pooler@twitter.com, relying on awesome data scraping and analysis by @davidcblood@twitter.com, @Kimgidarrah@twitter.com and @kenza_sabri@twitter.com


This looks like a landmark piece to me already. NYT driving the development of the web as a storytelling medium like almost no-one else online, let alone among news orgs
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1/ 50 yrs ago, Apollo 11 returned to Earth with rolls of film containing iconic images: a boot print on the moon, a wrinkled U.S. flag, and a portrait of Buzz Aldrin with Neil Armstrong. Today @nytimes offers a perspective like never befor…

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[News] Jaggalo makeup helps you evade facial recognition.

[Facebook Exec] How do we get data to train our algorithm to work on Juggalo makeup?

[Facebook Engineer] Let’s make a filter so we can get a huge dataset of Juggalo images with faces we recognize! twitter.com/asher_wolf/status/

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Today, @JFK_America@twitter.com and I published a big story on a crisis hidden in plain sight: businesses' overwhelming failure to effectively address employee stress, burnout and mental health.

The FT has lifted the paywall on this story. You can share it freely ft.com/content/1e8293f4-a1db-1

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Given a choice between siding with your top diplomat and trying to keep @DonaldTrump@twitter.com sweet, what would you do as a prospective Conservative prime minister? Extraordinary times. The mood in the civil service will be dark

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