*May turn your phone into an actual pool of mercury
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Implemented @iquilezles’s Domain Warping technique… it’s trippy when animated, like a pool of mercury! observablehq.com/@mbostock/dom

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Some good news... Paris fire department on French TV: "The structure of the cathedral will survive."

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Check out footage from Aphex Twin's set p4k.in/eSrMG0I

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We made a new newsgame @FT@twitter.com! This one is about trying to help companies navigate the US-China trade war: ig.ft.com/trump-china-tariffs/

🎉🎉🎉 @DatumFan@twitter.com @officeofjane@twitter.com @JamesPoliti@twitter.com @Ed_Crooks@twitter.com

Neither party comes out of this interview looking great
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New Interview: Bret Easton Ellis on , political correctness, and why he thinks we are all over-reacting to Trump’s election. newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/bre

New profile pic
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Breaking News: Astronomers captured the first-ever images of a black hole, peering inside the deepest, darkest abysses in the cosmos nyti.ms/2KpgSk4

I believe @martinstabe@twitter.com was involved in extensive discussions on the issue of map orientation 🙈

Thanks (I think) for the shout-out for ‘One belt, one road’, @maartenzam@twitter.com! The rotations are such that the views are always oriented towards China. This was a decision I made based on what I felt to be appropriate in the context of the story datajournalism.com/read/longre

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What we’re seeing is a country that’s determined to commit economic suicide but can’t even agree on how to kill itself. It is an epic failure of political leadership, writes @tomfriedman@twitter.com. nyti.ms/2UakwTz

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A huge thanks to our hard-working FTers and loyal readers who have taken us across the 1m paying readership milestone today! With strong 2018 results and some of the biggest journalism prizes to boot, we prove that quality journalism is good business on.ft.com/2UbmR0D

Just been through Madrid airport passport control via the EU citizens’ line and it felt pretty damn good

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11pm on 29 March 2019, and the United Kingdom has NOT left the European Union by automatic operation of law.

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I interviewed over a dozen Facebook & former Facebook employees about the prestigious team that fuelled Facebook's growth - and is now charged with fixing its problems. They described a team aggressively focused on engagement, speed and seeing off rivals. ft.com/content/be723754-501c-1

2019 is fast becoming the new 2016
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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Scott Walker. Scott was 76 years old and is survived by his daughter, Lee, his granddaughter, Emmi-Lee, and his partner Beverly: 4ad.com/news/959

Video of the full speech: youtu.be/Y8oWrF2CXF8
Worth a watch
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The stand out speech was easily Michael Heseltine.

Hezza invoked Churchill, his long career in politics to deliver an excoriating attack on Theresa May’s speech this week:

“It will rank among the biggest affronts on parliamentary democracy in our history.”


Apparently people who should know better still say “going viral” without irony

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Another huge Facebook story is dropping today! DC AG filing shows Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica long before first reporting. The cover up is always worse than the crime.

“But but but petitions don't change anything”, says everyone responsible for the continued debasement of democratic processes

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