Sincere thanks to @wrklsshrd and @WhoTargetsMe for their generous assistance in reporting this story. The issue is real and serious, and anyone even vaguely troubled by it should join the transparency effort 👇

🆕 There is a vast and almost entirely opaque underside to online political advertising in the UK. A privilege to have worked on this with @jemimajoanna and (at long last!) @cynthiao

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Some personal news…

I'm leaving the @FinancialTimes at the end of today, after 12 amazing years at one of the best news organisations in the world.

I’m so grateful to have had the freedom during this time to do wildly different jobs, and learn from so many real pros.


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Labour is spending heavily on Facebook ads, but doesn't seem to want to put Corbyn in too many of them. Story with @davidcblood via @FinancialTimes

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This is absolutely wild. The biggest party in Britain is now acting like a disinformation node and is completely shameless about it

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Behind every machine learning model is the power of human raters. Today we released 9k individual human ratings on our toxicity model to help us and other researchers better understand what goes into data labelling and bias reduction.

NEW: Lionel Barber is stepping down as FT editor after 14 years

*sighs* 😔
Finally @aendrew@twitter.comn@AdrienneKlasa@twitter.comementing variable-color edges for hierarchical edge bundling. Still beautiful. 😍

Graph porn
1/ In science the myth of the lone genius prevails. Rather, we are interconnected, we influence each other, we work together. For @nature's 150th we sought to visualize this, revealed in today's issue As there are many strands of work, here is an overview.

Great to be nominated for a British Journalism award along with & for our story on the rigging of DRC's election last January in favour of Tshisekedi - How Kabila lost then won Congo's election - via

Proud to announce that and have been nominated for the British Journalism Awards/Foreign Affairs for this scoop : Congo voting data reveal huge fraud in poll to replace Kabila via

Shout out to the lovely ladies at Kohala hospital on Hawai’i who patched me up after an eventful morning at the beach 🤕

English-language outlets are reporting that the city of Dresden has declared a "Nazi emergency". I'd like to break down what that actually means (thread). 1/

I'm sitting in a beachside bar watching an inverted orange crescent moon disappear into the Pacific Ocean getting angry about what London journalists will do for retweets

Privately many female Tory MPs admitted they would put up with the abuse if they believed it was for a cause worth fighting for. Unease with the future of their party under Boris Johnson’s leadership was at the heart of the decision to step down.

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