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There is no doubt that y'all's lame-ass pictures of empty toilet paper shelves are fueling panic buying. Stop it you know who you are.

"What's your name"
chee rabbits
"but what's your _real_ name"
chee rabbits
"but what's it say on your passport"
chee rabbits
"but what's your *given name*"
last night my partner called me 'happy hungus' is that what you're talking about

introverts on their way to self quarantine and sit in their houses for 2 weeks

America is a broken, pathetic country. Mind-blowing commentary from

> " Senegal, where the per capita income is less than $3,000, they are getting results in four hours. Yesterday, apparently, the CDC conducted zero tests."
Imperial twilight...

The coronavirus outcome the British government is actively working towards involves accepting the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands people depending on where the mortality rate ends up

Why does allow to continue? She's encouraging people to get the disease, when it's estimated that each of those infected pass it on to two or three more? This is criminal negligence, horrific!

Getting queer dating advice from straight people is like getting health advice from the White House.

Anyone know a club in St. George's that isn't packed with 20-somethings and also isn't a strip club? Asking for a friend.

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I'm currently in a dance club in Malta full of 20-somethings who clearly don't give a shit about COVID-19; am I allowed to self-quarantine once I'm back??

Unghh somebody please take my twitter away from me, I'm not in a responsible posting mood rn

RT @oliverturner Aww… they’re so pleased to finally get some of that sweet, sweet ✨engagement✨ that they’ve made it their pinned tweet!

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