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they are cold, they are hungry, they have not stopped working in months and they need YOU

for only £3 a week, why not sponsor a Brexit pundit stuck in College Green?

Note how specific these warnings are: this is not project fear. They talk about warehousing capacity issues, lack of alternative supply routes, perishability, etc.

I'd like to submit an additional amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018:

Amendment (o)
Line 1, leave out from “House” to end and add “requires MPs to sign letters and amendments in alphabetical order, and to publish lists of signatories in machine-readable format”

That "Public Wifi is a Public Health Hazard" article irritates me quite a lot. None of this is new information and presenting it in an alarming manner helps nobody.

Also, the headline makes me want to punch someone.

Financial Times has a part-time software engineering vacancy (2 or 3 days p/week - contract) in the newsroom - leading some work to adapt some of the things we've built for FT journalists for our parent company, Nikkei.

Sorry to be pointed here, but anyone who's been part of or run teams of journalists who code (as I have) would know why you don't hear this.

It's because these "coders" aren't considered journalists in most newsrooms. (1/6)

Excellent from

Facebook are going to monetize encrypted messaging by consolidating metadata analysis of 3 key platforms (Messenger, Whatsapp & Instagram). They will make money by tracking your relationships and social groups. They will make that information easily accessible to law enforcement.

All Facebook needs to do now is make React proprietary in order to erase *literally every good thing* that company has ever done.

Hey! Facebook is a goddamn plague, and they're merging WhatsApp, Instagram and the horrific privacy nightmare that is Messenger.

Follow me on Keybase already, and delete that shit.

RT well, thats the end of whatsapp then

What's the current state-of-the-art in terms of 2d physics simulation (specifically fluid) in JavaScript? It seems Liquid Fun hasn't been updated in 5 years...

If the response to massive industries being held accountable for negative aspects is to clutch pearls and pretend they haven't already benefited greatly for generations, you're probably writing some bullshit.

How to take down an assailant using a floppy disc...


const getArrayFromNestedObjects = item =>(Array.isArray(item)
? item
: Object.entries(item)
.filter(([k]) => !k.startsWith('__'))
.flatMap(([, v]) => getArrayFromNestedObjects(v)));

Oh hi. Let’s look at this bullshit article on the BBC website, shall we?

First of all it’s on the BBC so you’re like oh wow it must be a big deal.

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