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This is so Game of Thrones. Britain's political parties are fighting like the seven kingdoms while the White Walker that is No Deal Brexit slowly advances to slay everything.

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Students: Interested in working in news graphics, data journalism or web development in news? Join the @ftdata@twitter.com team in London this summer as our Google News Initiative Fellow. Deadline is April 1. Full details are here: on.ft.com/2SMVx81

"Bonkers" is almost an understatement here.
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Uh, a teenager with a geiger counter found three buckets of highly radioactive uranium sitting near the taxidermy exhibit in the Grand Canyon museum. It might’ve been there for two decades. This story is bonkers. qz.com/1553777/a-teenager-foun

Fortnightly reminder that everything the American media says about single-payer healthcare is absolute bollocks.

I've had no less than six NHS dental appointments in the last month (don't ask). Total cost to me as an individual: ~£60. 🙌

Wow, this is probably the single most reasonable op-ed piece about climate change I've ever read in the @calgaryherald@twitter.com. 👏👏👏
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Opinion: Our house is on fire, and many Albertans want more lighters calgaryherald.com/opinion/c@ca @rachelnotley @justintrudeau @jjhorgan

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The stock photos for "hipster couple in tech" are amazing

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"Barcode is an internal service/endpoint which gathers all of the headline images used in FT articles from a provided date range, the last 24 hours for example, and squashes them to give one condensed image." bit.ly/2tptgp0

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Favourite graphic design terms that could be drum & bass tunes:

1) Baseline Shift
2) Directional Feather
3) Trap Presets
4) Perspective Warp
5) Rasterize

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My graphic in Saturday's FT charting the end of the era of the 4-engined super jumbo twitter.com/FinancialTimes/sta

Over half the quality front end devs I know are from the EU. Nothing on the British internet is going to work worth a damn following Brexit.
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I’ve stopped and counted, and I know 14 people who’ve left the U.K., directly citing Brexit.

Mostly engineers and other tech types. But also academics and medical professionals.

Other folks y’all about waiting to see if things get bad enough to leave.

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Whichever side of the Labour fence you find yourself, there are many, many people who fell very lost, frustrated and very unrepresented today. All the sneering in the world won't solve that. Simply, try not to be an arse.

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The sight of a fifty-something man - who claims to be an educationalist - trolling and bullying a 16-year-old girl, who simply wants nations of the world to have an urgent debate about climate change, is very disturbing.

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This is the crux of the problem. In multiple interviews, @jack@twitter.com has said Trump's tweets are newsworthy and wouldn't directly answer what it would take to get the president reprimanded or removed.

But what happens when another world leader tweets a threat?


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Congratulations to @theboysmithy@twitter.com, @NicFildes@twitter.com, @davidcblood@twitter.com, @maxharlow@twitter.com, @carolinenevitt@twitter.com and @aendrew@twitter.com for their Bronze Medal finish at the @SND@twitter.com Best of Digital Design competition. Check out their winning interactive broadband map here: on.ft.com/2DFoeJM

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We are looking for a Pentester/Ethical Hacker to join our Cyber Security team, based in London. If you are interested in this role please contact talent@ft.com

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Listen to the youth. We are the future. And we stand on the shoulders of generations of activists who have come before us.

Solidarity to @Strike4Youth@twitter.com.

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