@natecull Indeed.

Gosh 2020's been a pretty wild ride so far, huh?

@natecull Holy hell, is this how we solve climate change (albeit like 20 years too late)??

@natecull Omg, what is this actually did result in a generational bump? What impact it would have on politics?

Malta DJs: What if... We mixed Justin Timberlake... With Kings of Leon... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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Oh, so when other ppl call their pets "fur baby" its fine but when I call a kid a "skin dog" somehow I'm "disgusting" and "the worst pediatrician in this hospital"??

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If the world ends right after I quit smoking Imma be really fucking pissed.

Me: Well, the one gay bar on the island shut early, I wonder if I should go home or...
Bar next door: *starts playing Nickelback*

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Stop . Retweeting things without citation even from folk you trust. Hell if I do it chin check me . It’s not smart

Me, an alcoholic: Chartreuse kinda looks like hand sanitizer... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
TSA now allowing 12 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer in your carry-on. ⁦@KCCINews⁩

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A friend of mine on FB typo’d and wrote “nopefully” which I propose we immediately adopt as shorthand for “I do not want that to happen”.

God this must be @Flight_Refunds@twitter.com' Super Bowl rn...

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so the 9 and 7yo have no school for a month and I wanna try teaching them to code


ive got ideas but what’s been the best for you?

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There is no doubt that y'all's lame-ass pictures of empty toilet paper shelves are fueling panic buying. Stop it you know who you are.

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"What's your name"
chee rabbits
"but what's your _real_ name"
chee rabbits
"but what's it say on your passport"
chee rabbits
"but what's your *given name*"
last night my partner called me 'happy hungus' is that what you're talking about

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introverts on their way to self quarantine and sit in their houses for 2 weeks

America is a broken, pathetic country. Mind-blowing commentary from @NYMag@twitter.com:

> "...in Senegal, where the per capita income is less than $3,000, they are getting results in four hours. Yesterday, apparently, the CDC conducted zero tests."
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Imperial twilight...


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