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Students: Interested in working in news graphics, data journalism or web development in news? Join the @ftdata@twitter.com team in London this summer as our Google News Initiative Fellow. Deadline is April 1. Full details are here: on.ft.com/2SMVx81

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"Barcode is an internal service/endpoint which gathers all of the headline images used in FT articles from a provided date range, the last 24 hours for example, and squashes them to give one condensed image." bit.ly/2tptgp0

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The sight of a fifty-something man - who claims to be an educationalist - trolling and bullying a 16-year-old girl, who simply wants nations of the world to have an urgent debate about climate change, is very disturbing.

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Listen to the youth. We are the future. And we stand on the shoulders of generations of activists who have come before us.

Solidarity to @Strike4Youth@twitter.com.

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This month we’re learning how to scrape the web!

Super cool. H/T @brentajones@twitter.com for the link
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I recreated Koro@brentajones@twitter.comlevation model from @esa 's topographic image. @observablehq made it easy and fun. beta.observablehq.com/@ehouais

Pure speculation here, but if I were a company whose entire *thing* was evaluating the veracity of news outlets, it would take a pretty substantial legal threat to get me to change tack in this way...
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Newsguard has changed its rating for Mail Online from "red" to "green" after discussions with a "senior Daily Mail news executive" who asked not to be named

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Excellent from @PrivateEyeNews@twitter.com

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How to take down an assailant using a floppy disc...

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Oh hi. Let’s look at this bullshit article on the BBC website, shall we?

First of all it’s on the BBC so you’re like oh wow it must be a big deal.

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Logging back on after a Twitter break like

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Tonight we’re learning how to analyse data and text with the R programming language!

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How many men and women appear in the news, and how do different publications differ in who they cite and mention?

In Sweden, @maxberggren@twitter.com from @dagensnyheter@twitter.com has built a tool to track that and publish the findings.

Check it out at @shamebot_se@twitter.com and here prognosis.se/GE/

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This was much harder than I thought. Full year 2018 time lapse animation of surface winds... in 4K! (But you need to visit YouTube for full res: youtube.com/watch?v=obsw9qiBnj)

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