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So happy to see the India pollution story i worked on with @AmyKazmin@twitter.com in all its glory in today’s @FinancialTimes@twitter.com

And my first ever lead byline!

You can also read it online here

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My kind of fun in the snow. Thanks for this one @aendrew@twitter.com bit.ly/2LaC1vm

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Woot! We won! Huge congrats @davidcblood@twitter.com @lesliehook@twitter.com @knicolai@twitter.com @BeckyTTurner@twitter.com @callumlocke@twitter.com @joannaskao@twitter.com @aendrew@twitter.com!

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@inari_ta@twitter.com @journocoders@twitter.com @observablehq@twitter.com @aendrew@twitter.com Yay! I’m sorry I missed this journocoders but thanks for posting your snowflake generator. Works on my phone! My fave settings so far:

❄️❅❆❄︎ For all y'all at home, the tutorial is at: medium.com/@aendrew/getting-st !!! ❄️❅❆❄︎
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It’s our fourth birthday! To celebrate we have 🥧 mince pies and are learning how to build a ❄️ snowflake visualisation with @observablehq and @aendrew!

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It’s our fourth birthday! To celebrate we have 🥧 mince pies and are learning how to build a ❄️ snowflake visualisation with @observablehq and @aendrew!

This is the best thing on the Internet rn
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There's more. There were three copies of the new NAFTA deal to sign. During the signing ceremony, President Trump appears to sign in the wrong place on one of them.

This is the exact moment everyone realized, individually with their reactions, including Prime Minister Trudeau.

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🔥 Nice little trick adapted from @Fotiman@twitter.com after the most recent @syntaxfm@twitter.com

Get an array of all month/day names using .toLocaleDateString()

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That video of the young refugee being bullied is so shocking. If only there was some way of knowing who radicalised the bullies.

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US President RTing a fake account of his Vice-President. Totally normal and in no way utterly and deeply bizarre.

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There's a new addition to our main navigation menu… on.ft.com/2E1VzRR

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That anti-fake news “war room” Facebook gave a PR tour to pretty much every news outlet in the world? It’s already been disbanded. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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.@aendrew@twitter.com is either preparing a ransom note or an @ftdata@twitter.com regex training session…

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The space bar, when held down, controls the curser on your iPhone.... WHAT?!???!?!???!!!???!?? Did YOU know this?!?!? 😱🤯🤯🤯 Why was this not in the manual @AppleSupport @iPhoneTeam ?!?! 😂😂

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Today I got this great book of photographs of the Liverpool music scene 1977-82. On page 56 there’s a photo of crowds waiting to go in to a Wah Heat gig and there, slap bang in the middle, is a 19-year-old me! My daughter Sophie, who is 19 now, is pointing me out. It made my day

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Always such a pleasure to research an illustration subject that has a lethal warning on page 1 of its user's manual

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I'm not watching until they get it down to 10 seconds.

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