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Following May's huge defeat, Britain now has its best, and only realistic, chance of a 2nd referendum to reverse Brexit. Never been less unlikely. I'd implore wavering Brits to agitate for a people's vote. UK helped trigger this nativist-populist b'shit. It can help to reverse it

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.@maxharlow@twitter.com crunched through 120,000 UK public sector contracts — and found 23 per cent of those awarded in 2018 involved no real competition. twitter.com/ftdata/status/1085

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Logging back on after a Twitter break like

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Whatever happens next, it will take generations to wash away the shame of being governed by people who boast about abolishing freedom of movement for their own citizens and our closest neighbours.

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please hurry up and run this country into the ground, I have 200 euro in cash and wish to buy property in London

Okay, wait, I take it back — compared to the IMF's data site, BoE's is a *dream*! 😩

The Bank Of England data explorer is basically the worst of both UK open data and UK front-end development in one ASP-powered nutshell. 🙄

It's really annoying the Google Public Data Explorer provides virtually no ability to use its data outside the really mediocre user experience provided by the Google Public Data Explorer.

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Tonight we’re learning how to analyse data and text with the R programming language!

The Halifax/Ghostbusters tie-up is the most confusing advertising campaign I've seen in years.

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NEW: Cambridge Analytica said US voter @profcarroll@twitter.com had no more right to know what data the company held on him than "a Taliban sitting in a cave". Today, it pleads guilty in case brought by Britain's ICO. This is a big deal. US citizens! You have..drum roll..rights to your data! twitter.com/profcarroll/status

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The gatwick and Heathrow drones are two separate, sentient machines. Also they are in love and trying to find each other

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tl;dr Twitter 2FA can be bypassed through the support, there's nothing you can do about it and @Twitter@twitter.com thinks they don't have to explain anything here.

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How many men and women appear in the news, and how do different publications differ in who they cite and mention?

In Sweden, @maxberggren@twitter.com from @dagensnyheter@twitter.com has built a tool to track that and publish the findings.

Check it out at @shamebot_se@twitter.com and here prognosis.se/GE/

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This was much harder than I thought. Full year 2018 time lapse animation of surface winds... in 4K! (But you need to visit YouTube for full res: youtube.com/watch?v=obsw9qiBnj)

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Patti McGee. Skateboarder Magazine, October 1965.

JFC, the discourse on Twitter Dot Com today is even more idiotic than normal...

Please excuse me whilst I roll my eyes so far into the back of my head that I see stars. ✨

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