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Please excuse me while I follow all the rockstars I already follow on all my other accounts

Cool, I have a cold *and* I get to read about the absolutely shit plan the idiots in government have for immigrants today. Super cool...

No one:

British devs: var colour = colors.getColor()

RT IN FACT, I checked and our bylaws *explicitly allow the use of yar*

Brexit Week 3

You know the bit where 31 EU Parliaments and assemblies all get a veto over any trade deal?
This is going to go well.

From now on, whenever I see something in code where someone retrofitted something for an unintended use, but it works... I'm calling it a "train hat".

Martin Wolf: Trump’s re-election would be dangerous for the world

I don't feel important.

Don't blindly copy-paste from Stack Overflow!
So I learned of an amusing bug today:

Docker for Windows won't run if you have the Razer Synapse driver management tool running.

But the reason is the funny part...

Less is more. ⁦⁩ gives masterclass to all would-be writers in his letter to ⁦⁩ on the need to rein in Facebook

today in sharing economy struggles: our app powered car rental lost cell service on the side of a mountain in rural California and now I live here I guess

RT @jburnmurdoch
Tired: distance covered stats for footballers

Wired: distance covered stats for catwalk models


Ever feel like you've met Dominic Cummings before?

My today:

three very moving comments on a YouTube upload of a Brian Eno ambient album

Made this service that prints your face on an N95 mask, so you can protect people from viral epidemics while still being able to unlock your phone.


This review is the creepiest horror story I have ever read.

Yes, I know these octopi have only six legs and yes I know it's an affront to both god and nature

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