Wait, you can actually *RENAME* services in AWS RDS?! Why isn't this possible across more AWS services?!

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The space bar, when held down, controls the curser on your iPhone.... WHAT?!???!?!???!!!???!?? Did YOU know this?!?!? 😱🤯🤯🤯 Why was this not in the manual @AppleSupport @iPhoneTeam ?!?! 😂😂

It's amazing nobody at either Microsoft or Apple (esp.) has figured out that building a disk usage treemap into their native file manager might *actually be a really good idea*?

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Today I got this great book of photographs of the Liverpool music scene 1977-82. On page 56 there’s a photo of crowds waiting to go in to a Wah Heat gig and there, slap bang in the middle, is a 19-year-old me! My daughter Sophie, who is 19 now, is pointing me out. It made my day

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Always such a pleasure to research an illustration subject that has a lethal warning on page 1 of its user's manual

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peacefully correct: when speaking, avoid violent metaphors when a peaceful one will do 🕊 ☑

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Since yesterday’s Guardian story, there has been a lot of interest in @aendrew@twitter.com's bot that tracks the gender of sources in @ft stories. The core of the app is this open-source tool, which several other news organisations are also using bit.ly/2DFYiQQ

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I'm not watching until they get it down to 10 seconds.

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Featuring the bot-building talents of @aendrew@twitter.com bit.ly/2FkbVGQ

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If you read anything on today, read this thread on practical impact of Brexit on business RIGHT now ..... twitter.com/uk_domain_names/st

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This little function maps `mv` to `git mv` when you're inside a git directory to track filename changes on git more succinctly.

function mv {
if git rev-parse --git-dir > /dev/null 2>&1; then
git mv $@
mv $@

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This @nytimes@twitter.com cartogram is getting a lot of deserved praise, but I wanna talk about one particular design choice that is simply genius:

Separating the states from one another.

Why is this such a brilliant decision? A very brief thread:

@Gargron Hi! I'm working on a data science project to visualise Mastodon user networks. It seems though that requesting the follower list of arbitrary users only returns users living on the same server as the API endpoint; am I missing something? Thanks!

Really tempted to convert my blog to writefreely, looks really cool. 👍

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Before the leaves disappeared for another year, I wanted to capture them one last time, and try and get the "essence" of their palette.

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moving to London: woah! double decker buses! like in the movies! bet I'll never really get used to them :)

two minutes ago, having just gone on a single decker: YOU expect ME to take THIS? this PUNY VEHICLE? this bus for ANTS? the INDIGNITY

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