It's unfortunate that *requires* a keybase account to be eligible to join:

It ties membership on that instance to a third-party, Zoom-owned centralized service:

A journalism-focused instance is really needed on fedi. But making a centralized service effectively the gatekeeper there is regrettable.

I wish @aendra considered at least allowing @keyoxide as an alternative verification provider.

/repost, didn't notice the account move, sorry!

In my defense, the about page for still lists the old account as the admin:


@rysiek Hi!

You're absolutely right, I haven't updated this thing in about a million years and have only resurrected it because a few folks have expressed interest. Thanks for reminding me that I had a Keybase requirement earlier (back from before Keybase was acquired by Zoom), I've since dropped that and don't require it anymore, updating the About page now!

@aendra oh this is fantastic! Thank you, much appreciated.

I'd love to move @tecc to, since Masthead has been... overrun due to lack of active administration/moderation. I'll properly request an account of course, using whatever process ends up on the About page.

This is a young and small fact-checking operation between myself and @cguess . I hope it's eligible for a fedi home at

@rysiek You're welcome to apply! Tbh I don't know if there's a tonne of interest from practicing journalists so I might just open it up more generally as a news discussion community.

@aendra thank you. I think there is immense value to having a journalism-focused instance. I know plenty of journalists who would consider joining fedi at some point, and their main question always is "which instance". Good to have a decent answer to that (obviously).

That said, perhaps can serve as a bit of a template? Not sure how exactly they draw the line, but it seems to be working well.

@kr0n0tu @rysiek As in, like a newspaper create an account that posts its headlines or whatever? Haven't thought it about it much; wouldn't be opposed?

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